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November 27, 2018

Winter is delicious; finish eating, and campaign

Eat delicious dishes in parushie (JR Shizuoka Station building),
We will get stylish "vacuum stainless steel tumbler"!

(article not for sale, the first 300 people limit)

※As for the details, please see the lower berth.

Almost winter.
As for this season, there are full of last day of the year, New Year holidays and events in Christmas.
Everybody thinks that there is much occasion eating delicious dishes in Christmas fashion and boshinnenkai, too.
It is happy time when both stomach and mood are met.

Please recall until now a little here!

Were there dishes which were left to dish after happy time was over?
If "we say so…There might be much "in the scene to think of.
It is a shame dishes which we can still eat, that we throw away.

For the year-end and New Year holidays, let's enjoy meal being conscious of reduction of food loss (food which is thrown away though we are eaten) deliciously.

<Shizuoka-shi X PARCHE winter we let you be potato we finish eating campaign summary>
It is Sunday, February 3, 2019 from Saturday, December 1, 2018 during period
    ※Stylish "vacuum stainless steel tumbler" becomes the end as soon as we disappear. (to total the first 300 people)

Restaurant (JR Shizuoka Station building) in place parushie building
     49, Kuroganecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
    parushiehomupeji (new window opens.)

<participation method>
We change reward card (thing of questionnaire entry finished) and stylish "vacuum stainless steel tumbler" for customer (total the first 300 people) who met the following condition.
(1) We eat up dishes which we ordered in restaurant (cf. participation store) in parushie building and get reward card.
(2) We eat up deliciously and collect dishes three points in restaurant in parushie building.
(3) We reply questionnaire.
(4) We change at store (total the first 300 people)

<participation store>
We carry out at the following store in parushie building.
It is available at store where campaign poster is posted on.

[B1F, 5F] Tully's Coffee
[the 1F east]  Cafe & Baru Siena afternoon tea love and table
[the 1F west]  Subway
[2F]   Coffee building
[6F]   Tree of closing a deal soba thicket Fukuchi bunch apple Numazu fish does; sushi Hokkaido ramen Kita-1-jo
       Shabu-shabu Tajima shop pasta shop one order eyes shioya zaoisutahausu Shizuoka
[meal Aya building]  Flow sushi Numazu fish of Doutor Coffee shop first in Japan does; sushi
       Heart bread antique
※Random order
Restaurant cafe (parushiehomupeji) (new window opens.)

There is acceptable use policy to reward card.
As it becomes the use in acceptable use policy, please read acceptable use policy of reward card well.

It will be by trivia 1 food loss?

・Food loss is food which is thrown away though we are still eaten.

・Food loss of Japan is approximately 6,460,000 tons a year.
(we will throw away rice (approximately 139 g) for one cup of bowl every day when we convert per nation.)
(we will abandon quantity equal to approximately 2 times of approximately 3,200,000 tons of quantity of food aid of the whole world.)

・As for the breakdown, 3,570,000 tons, family system are 2,890,000 tons business system.

Food loss measures possible immediately from this (new window opens)

We will practice trivia 2 30.10 (sammaru, Ichimaru) exercise!

30.10 campaign is approach to sit down on seat for first 30 minutes of banquet and last ten minutes, and to enjoy dishes deliciously.
We are having been practiced as approach to reduce food loss by banquets in each places of the whole country.

<five points to eat up deliciously>
(1) Let's order appropriate amount. (we order quantity that we stand on the number of people and member and can finish eating!)
(2) Let's speak from secretary. (by the attention including the remainder situation of dishes!)
(3) Let's arrange meal time. (for first 30 minutes and last ten minutes, let's eat dishes happily deliciously!)
(4) Let's share together if we cannot eat.
(5) Before "feast state", let's check whether there is not leftover together.
※Five points mentioned above are not compulsion. Please cooperate with food loss reduction depending on the situation of each group.

Banquet manifestation item
(appeal examples are published. Please use freely.)

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