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The last update date:
April 1, 2018
We show around organization of Shizuoka-shi (ward) government office of 2018.

2018 organization organization chart (PDF: 420KB)

Station, independent engine

Station names Part names Sections to be included in
General Affairs Bureau   General Administration Division / compliance promotion section / policy legal affairs section / personnel department / Secretarial Division / public relations section /ICT promotion section / staff Welfare Division / Tokyo office
Crisis control total room Crisis-Management Division
The plan station   Planning Division / asset management promotion section
Local Finance Bureau Finance Department Finance Section / administration section / Contract Division / municipally operated race office
Tax practice department Taxation system section / tax payment section / nonpayment measures section / Municipal Tax Division / fixation Fixed Property Tax Division / Shimizu city tax office
The citizen station   Citizen's autonomy promotion section / man and woman participation in planning, multicultural symbiosis section / lifelong learning promotion section / life relief security section / family register management section / Igawa branch
The sightseeing interchange culture station   Sightseeing, International Relations Division / history culture section / cultural assets section / town is theater promotion section / Cultural Promotion Division / sports promotion section / sports interchange section / Nihondaira Zoo
Environmental station   Environmental creation section / environment safeguard section / environmental health research institute / garbage weight loss promotion section / Waste and Recycling Affairs section / collection Operations Section / waste disposal treatment section
The health welfare longevity station Local inclusion care promotion office  
Health and Welfare Department Welfare General Administration Division / health promotion promotion section / Welfare for the Handicapped Section / elderly person employee services / Nursing Care Insurance Section / insurance pension management section / welfare credit storing measures section / area rehabilitation promotion center
Hygiene medical care part Healthy center / animal instruction center / Shizuoka nursing technical school / Shimizu nursing technical school of health medical care section / heart
Hygiene medical care part public health center Health Prevention Section / Sanitation Section / food board of health / mental health employee services / public health center Shimizu branch
Shimizu Hospital Hospital General Administration Division / hospital facility section / Medical Affairs Division
Child future station   Child future section / youth development section / kindergartens and nursery schools support section / child institution section / child family section / child consultation center
Economic agency Marine culture city promotion office  
Commercial and industrial part The industrial policy section / Industry Promotion Section / commerce Administration Division / Central Wholesale Market
Agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division Mountains promotion section / economy office out of use of agro-politics section / farmland section / farmland Maintenance Division / forestry conservancy forest road section / fisheries fishing port section /
The City Bureau City Planning Department Around around City Planning Division / transport policy section / Development Guidance Division / city area Maintenance Division / new interchange Maintenance Division / Shimizu Station Maintenance Division / green tract of land policy section / park Maintenance Division / city planning office
Building Department Building General Administration Division / Building Guidance Division / Housing Policy Division / Public Building Division / facilities section
The construction station Department of engineering works Construction policy section / technique policy section / engineering works management section / Rivers Division / engineering works office
Road part Road Planning Division / road Maintenance Section / Aoi south road Maintenance Division / Aoi north road Maintenance Division / Suruga road Maintenance Division / Shimizu road Maintenance Division
Accounts manager Countinghouse Shizuoka Accounting Division / Shimizu Accounting Division
Fire Bureau Firefighting department Firefighting General Administration Division / Property Administration Division / Prevention Division / inspection section
Defending department Defending section / first aid section / order section / aviation section
Fire department Aoi fire department / Suruga fire department / Chiyoda fire department / Shimizu fire department / Kohoku fire department / Nihondaira fire department / Shimada fire department / Yoshida fire department / Makinohara fire department
Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau Water service department Water supply General Administration Division / water supply Planning Division / sales department / water supply equipment section / water supply duct line section / Water Supply Facilities Division / water quality management section / water supply office
Lower water service department Sewer General Administration Division / sewer Planning Division / sewer construction section / sewer maintenance section / lower Water Supply Facilities Division / sewer office
The Board of Education Secretariat education station   Education General Administration Division / Educational Personnel Division / Education Institution Section / School Education Division / child student support section / School Lunch Division / Education Center / center library / city school
Board of elections The secretariat  
National Personnel Commission The secretariat  
Inspection commissioner The secretariat  
Agriculture committee The secretariat  
Assembly The secretariat Assembly General Administration Division / Proceedings Division / investigation legislation section

District (Aoi-ku, Suruga-ku, Shimizu-ku)

The ward name Ward office, office Sections to be included in
Aoi-ku Aoi-ku government office Local General Administration Division / Family Register and Resident Section / insurance pension section / health support section / Igawa branch
Aoi welfare agency Life support section / person with a disability support section / child care support section / advanced age care section
Aoi-ku Accounting Division  
Aoi-ku board of elections The secretariat
Suruga-ku Suruga-ku government office Local General Administration Division / Family Register and Resident Section / insurance pension section / health support section / Osada branch
Suruga welfare agency Life support section / person with a disability support section / child care support section / advanced age care section
Suruga-ku Accounting Division  
Suruga-ku board of elections The secretariat
Shimizu-ku Shimizu-ku government office Local General Administration Division / Family Register and Resident Section / insurance pension section / health support section / Kambara branch
Shimizu welfare agency Life support section / person with a disability support section / child care support section / advanced age care section / Kambara branch office
Shimizu-ku Accounting Division  
Shimizu-ku board of elections The secretariat

Access, each floor guidance of each city hall Government building

When reference is missing

Shizuoka-shi call center "city hall anytime telephone service"
 Telephone 054-200-4894
※From business hours 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Shizuoka-shi government office Shizuoka Government building telephone (main) 054-254-2111 address: 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku
Shizuoka-shi government office Shimizu Government building telephone (main) 054-354-2111 address: 6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku
Aoi-ku government office        Telephone (main) 054-254-2115 address: 5-1, Otemachi, Aoi-ku
Suruga-ku government office       Telephone (main) 054-202-5811 address: 10-40, Minamiyahatacho, Suruga-ku
Shimizu-ku government office       Telephone (main) 054-354-2111 address: 6-8, Asahicho, Shimizu-ku

※From business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (take a rest for from December 29 to January 3 on holiday on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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