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The last update date:
December 18, 2018
We walk coming town eating winter Suruga.
"Suruga Tokaido ompaku 2019" begins.

Under the theme of "Tokaido," 58 experience-based programs flock!
51 days to experience new "Shizuoka!"
Do you not enjoy "taking a lesson from the past" of "Shizuoka" for the five senses, too?

With "ompaku"

Originally "onsenhaku*kai" which began in Beppu-shi, Oita was "ompaku" for short.
Many people do not gather for all members in the specific date and time, place,
In form to hold some small small events for a fixed period of time,
There is the following characteristic.

●Each inhabitants is the leading role
●We rediscover local charm
●Program creation that we made use of charm in

From such an approach being very effective in regional activation,
Not only hot spring resort, "ompaku technique" is adopted now in each places of the whole country.

"Suruga Tokaido ompaku 2019" summary

Holding concept of "ompaku" in Shizuoka "Suruga Tokaido taking a lesson from the past exhibition."

From the ancient times to the present age,
A variety of interchange of Homo sapiens thing in Tokaido is brought up,
"Tokaido" where various livings have been run.

We dig up area resources = charm such as a certain "living" "history" "meals" now there,
We polish up them in new viewpoint and we make for experience, interchange type program and put up,
We publicize integrally in "Suruga Tokaido ompaku".

<Suruga Tokaido ompaku 2019 holding summary>

From Saturday, February 2, 2019 to Sunday, March 24 (51 days)

Each site in city around six post town areas from Kambara to Maruko

58 programs to enjoy "we make and eat and learn and play and polish"

Pay (amount of money varies according to programs)

[application method]
Advance reservations required. Apply in Web.

[formula WEB site] (we move to outside site)
Program image figure 1
Program image figure 2

About participation in "Suruga Tokaido ompaku" method

We participate in program that there is number, and let's sense local pleasure and richness bodily.
One one ompaku program is small event, but is full of attractive plans.
You can enjoy substantial contents only by a small number of people.
Genre including meal, traditional culture, sports, the history varies, too.
Genre that you are interested in of course,
Please enjoy ompakuokikkakeni, encounter with various people and culture.

※Prior application is necessary for ompakuheno participation.

[application reception desk]
We accept in WEB: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 10:00 ...
<, for more information about held program, look at brochure or official WEB site>

We distribute each city hall Government building, lifelong learning facility, library, tourist information center at each site in city.
≪"Suruga Tokaido ompaku" formula WEB site≫ (we move to outside site)


[sponsorship] Sightseeing in Tokaido history way promotion meeting
[cooperation] Shizuoka-shi
[the administration secretariat] The Suruga Tokaido ompaku secretariat
〒The second floor of 420-0853 3-11, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka Shinkin Bank Outemachi building Shizuoka online
TEL: 080-4840-5946 (reception hours from 9:30 to 17:00)
MAIL:suruga.tokaido.onpaku@gmail .com

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