80s exhibition as the starting point


80s exhibition as the starting point

 The 1980s is the time when important trend leading to today's art including "installation" and "media art" was born. The word "art" came to be used not "art" well, and it was this time that "alternative space" had begun to appear as well as art museum gallery. In late years study on postwar Japanese art until the 1970s including "concreteness" and "materials art sect" advances rapidly at home and abroad. In addition, it may be said that inspection in the 80s to be located in the interval still has just begun while expression affected by subculture after the 90s attracts attention.
 "We memorize and archive, and book exhibition raises keyword of contemporary four called story" by "it is secret every day" "relationship" over "the medium" and stares at Japanese art in the 1980s while introducing in 19 writers. We do not look back on this time nostalgically and will be that rich expression that was built in the 80s by current viewpoint by irradiating is seen.
 Book exhibition is joint plan exhibition with 3 building of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Takamatsu City Museum of Art and this hotel, and this hotel becomes the last venue. In addition, we hold "- Shizuoka at the same time in the /1980 generation to archive Shizubi Project7" to introduce with document archiving one end of art scene of Shizuoka in the 80s.


From January 5, 2019 to March 24, 2019


Shizuoka City Museum of Art


As for the details such as event information, please see this.
http://www.shizubi.jp/ Shizuoka City Museum of Art homepage 
80s exhibition flyer as the /000804536.pdf starting point    

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Shizuoka City Museum of Art
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