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The last update date:
January 10, 2019
About notation on homepage,
 National highway (country),
 In Shizuoka prefectural roads, main country paths assume (master), general prefectural road (one).

About traffic condition accompanied with disaster

List of suspension of traffic accompanied with disaster
As of January 10, 2019 (Heisei 31) 14:00

※About position of the following regulation point and traffic regulation except the following,
◇Please refer to Shizuoka-shi road traffic regulation information "shizumichi info" (info) (you move to ⇒ outside site).

There is no full-scale suspension of traffic on main highways now.
As there is traffic regulation point in large-scale vehicle traffic regulation and time,
Please confirm in "shizumichi info" (you move to ⇒ outside site).

1 Kuboyama line [Shizuoka city street] Yuiiriyama, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi  
[Shizuoka-City. Road Kuboyama Line] Yui-iriyama Shimizu-ku Shizuoka-City
 ※Suspension of traffic full-scale for hodo.

○Traffic regulation conditions of the Shizuoka prefecture (other than Shizuoka city limits) are this place 
◇[Shizuoka offer] Shizuoka road traffic regulation reporting system () and Shizuoka prefectural road except national highway (1, 52)

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Shizuoka-shi construction station road part road Maintenance Section
Phone number 054-221-1129

※Please refer to each manager for regulation information of road which Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Shizuoka and Central Nippon Expressway manages.

Please refer to information of "shizumichi info" or each section concerned for other construction-related regulation.

◇ Shizuoka-shi road traffic regulation information "shizumichi info" (info) (move to ⇒ outside site)
※In "shizumichi info,"
 In the Shizuoka city
 ○National highway (except Route 1, Route 1 bypass, Route 52)
 ○Shizuoka prefectural road
 ○Highway of Shizuoka city street
 It applies in this and is structure which can identify regulation information such as suspension of traffic by disaster and road building through the Internet easily.
 From PC, smartphone, tablet terminal, it is available.

About national highway (except Route 1, Route 1 bypass, Route 52) in Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka prefectural road, city street
  Aoi-ku (the southern part)…Aoi south road Maintenance Division
  Aoi-ku (the northern part)…Aoi north road Maintenance Division
  Suruga-ku…Suruga road Maintenance Division
  Shimizu-ku…Shimizu road Maintenance Division
    ※Aoi-ku (the northern part) that Aoi north road Maintenance Division is in charge of,
      With school district out of Miwa, school district in Tamagawa, school district out of Igawa, school district out of Okochi, school district in Umegashima,
      Among *kichugakukoku, it is *kichu (shizuhatanaka) elementary school precinct, *kikitashogakukoku, Matsuno elementary school precinct.
    ※Reference materials: Aoi-ku road management area figure…(area of Aoi south road Maintenance Division and Aoi north road Maintenance Division judging from map)
  ※In addition, in Aoi-ku (the northern part), there is business that Igawa branch is in charge of about Ikawa, Aoi-ku and the outskirts, Igawa north.

Information about forest road is this…Shizuoka-shi economic agency agriculture and forestry Marine Products Division forestry conservancy forest road section

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